perjantai 24. huhtikuuta 2009

Geniem Music ODP continues deployments in Middle East

Geniem powers the largest Mobile Music coalition in Middle East. Zain continues it's launches of ‘Zain Create’ now in Jordan. The service has already been launched in Kuwait and Bahrain and will soon be available to customers of all Zain operations within the Group.

Link to the press release: Amman, April 13, 2009 Press Conference

We think Mobile Apps are taking more and more space as "app stores" or "music stores". Again the winning formula is the integration of Web, PC app and Mobile App. We will see if the bold move by Rotana to offer its content exclusively via only one carrier per country will pay off.

keskiviikko 1. huhtikuuta 2009

Zain launches Geniem powered mobile app for music downloads

Our Mobile Apps for music entertainment services are creating buzz in the Middle East countries when Zain, MNO with over 40 million subscribers, launches Zain Create. The service is available on the Web and as downloadable mobile app.

Zain Create offers full track downloads, mobile tv, radio and news from world of music.

Music is DRM downloads in mp3 format. The service is run by our customer Rotana that provides the while solution as outsourced entertainment platform. It seems that content owners
are driving the uptake of mobile entertainment by pushing operators to accept new innovative pricing plans.

Up till now its been way too expensive to buy music via mobile simply because the data fees might be three times the cost of the actual song. Now the price is inlcudes the data fee.

Rotana, the world's largest owner of Arabic music and film, has done a good job lobbying mobile operators to move to lower data pricing and flat-rate plans that will make the streaming and downloading of content more affordable.

Khaled Al Hajeri, CEO of Zain Kuwait, said: "Mobile phones are no longer devices for merely making and receiving calls, they are increasingly becoming a platform for expressing an entire modern lifestyle, be it for business or pleasure. With Zain Create, this bilateral partnership with Rotana will cater to the entertainment needs of a wide spectrum of our customers in Kuwait, making a wonderful world for them."