tiistai 20. lokakuuta 2009

Branded mobile marketing Apps on the rise

Netsize has released it's Mobile marketing Survey. Key findings are that new customer aquisition is the top reason (more than half) for what mobile marketing is used. But boosting customer loyalty follows.

As expected, messaging, namely SMS and MMS lead the pack of what type of marketing is conducted. Main shift is from broadcast one-way message to two-way conversations. New technologies are rapidly catching the SMS marketing, with Mobile web sites being the next along with mobile banners.

The biggest growth is however with downloadable branded apps, respondents say the use will increase from 23% to 35%. This sounds what we have seen too. Mobile Website is the basics, but more ad more interest is coming to have branded apps.

Main reason we see, is that interactivity from Apps is 10 times more than from Wap sites. Wap is more for readers, whereas interaction and user generated content is clearly sparked by App users.

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