lauantai 1. marraskuuta 2008

Closer magazine mobile app sees the light in France

Closer is popular magazine and has very popular mobile site too. When Mondadori Digital, the publisher of Closer, wnated to give something more to users as mobile app, Geniem was called to help. As games are always the #1 mobile apps downloaded it was decided to to that direction. Especially engaging Trivia games appeal to both male and females unlike arcade based games are usually more "boys stuff".

The Closer Trivia features downloadable question packs with 15 questions each. The score is determined by how fast the question is answered. User can also pause the game and continue later where he left of, this is especially great feature for mobile people that might be playing while waiting for a bus for example, and then continue in the bus.

Closer Trivia is distributed via operator portals and also via SMS request to a short number.

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