tiistai 17. maaliskuuta 2009

Mobile Apps Gallery - Geniem reaches over 15 million installations and keeps growing

The Mobile App boom puts Brands in users pockets en masse. Geniem powered Mobile Apps have over 15 million installations with 30+ household names as customers. As more and more players are entering the market, it is critical for Brands to know how get user attention, and more importantly to keep it.

Smartphone market is growing in spite of economic downturn, and Brands need to consider more carefully where to put their marketing dollars. Mobile Apps and Bluetooth Marketing are very personal one-on-one way to embrace the Brand image and build viral campaigns. To know more how we have helped Brands like Audi, Nokia, Samsung, Idols, ABC Australia, Closer, Santander and others, just drop us email at sales(at)geniem.com

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